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Cobra USB Dongle

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Cobra USB Dongle

With Cobra USB Dongle, you can run Blu-ray, DVD and PS1/PS2 game iSOs and PSP Mini games from your PlayStation 3 hard drive on your PS3.It will unlock all the features of your device with out needing to open up your console and void your warranty, or damage the components. Just by inserting this USB you can watch your blue ray discs region free as well as play DVDs and blue rays via ISO on your HDD. You will be able to play your PS1 ISO files as well as PS3 ISO files on your HDD or USB. 


  • Blu Ray Movie region free functionality
  • Allows you to play Blu Ray movie ISO's from HDD
  • Allows you to play DVD movie ISO's from HDD
  • Integrated support to play PS1 game ISO's from HDD
  • Integrated support to play PSP mini games from HDD
  • PS3 games with files >4GB on external USB HDD
  • Supports FAT and SLIM PS3 consoles any region
  • Supports versions up to 3.55
  • Play PS3 games from internal HDD
  • MCU firmware and flash firmware updatable using easy to use free PC updater
  • First class customer support and free regular firmware upgrades
  • No need to open your console, just plug and play
  • High quality components and materials used throughout
  • Unique and built from scratch Cobra USB manager featuring slick U.I. and customized options with easy navigation
  • Actel based encryption engine onboard to prevent device cloning
  • Fast onboard 2 Mbyte SPI flash for firmware storage
  • High quality onboard MCU
  • Easy mode selection via switch (PC update, PS3 downgrader, regular PS3 device mode)
  • Downgrader functionality included free of charge, allowing users to upgrade firmware to and from 3.41 at will
  • Multi lingual user interface (English,Spanish and French as standard with more languages to be supported later)
  • Cobra 3.55 cfw installation:

    Step1: Download the PS3UPDAT.PUP file of the cobra CFW. 
    Step2: Copy this file to any usb drive, in /PS3/UPDATE/ folder (create the folders if they don’t exist), and connect it to the PS3.
    Ste31: If you are on a firmware prior to 3.55, including cfw, install the update using the XMB, remember to choose “Update via Storage Media”. Follow any instructions, and skip the next steps.
    Step4: If you are on firmware 3.55, ofw or cfw, in some consoles you will be able to update using the XMB. In other consoles, you will be given an error complaining that latest firmware is already installed. On those consoles, you will have to install cobra cfw in recovery mode. Next steps explain how to enter this mode.
    Step5: To enter recovery mode, power off the PS3. Keep the usb drive with the cfw pup as the only device connected to the PS3.
    Step6: Power on the PS3 keeping the power button pressed until the PS3 powers off.
    Step7: Power on again the PS3 keeping the power button, until you hear one beep followed by a double beep.
    Step8: You are now in recovery mode, connect a PS3 controller to any USB port, choose option 6 in the screen, and follow any other on screen instructions.

    Note: Cobra CFW will behave like a 3.55 ofw if the PS3 is booted without Cobra USB connected. It is useless to install this CFW if you don’t have a Cobra USB device. Cobra USB requires certain binary files of the firmware not to be changed. Changing these files may make Cobra USB not to work at all, or to behave incorrectly. Changing fonts, xml, etc is fine, if the user knows what he is doing.

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