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Code Unique 3 (CU3/CUIII)


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Code Unique 3 (CU3/CUIII)

With Code Unique 3, the unique dongle for your PS3, you will have unique experience when you play games. You can be stronger in the games. You can own some super power or weapons. Your bullets can never be used up. You can also kill the boss instantly and nobody can hurt you. 

Features :
1. Unique dongle in the world which support ps3 all firmwares(Kmeaw 3.55/ROgero 4.21/4.3/Rebug4.3) simultanously
2. Built-in 4 MB Flash and ACTEL chip set, powerful calculation power, support static and dynamic multi level pointer, modify games thoroughly.
3. Provide in game screen capture.
4. Support custom db st.dat, support plain text codes, in that way, you can take advantage your own codes easily.
5. Support dual codes db update, you can switch code db in management section.

DB Download: 
1. CU3 official db "cheatlist.dat" (2013.02.17)
2. Un_Official db "cheatcu2.dat" (2013.02.15)

3, CU3 txt file: cheatcu2.txt 
4.Video :CU3 on Kmeaw 3.55/Rebug_4.3/Rogero_4.3/Rebug_4.21;video for CU3 on rebug_4.21_dex_cex 

App Download: 

1. CU3:PS3_CU3_430_03.00.PKG(support Rebug_4.21/rebug_4.3/Regero_4.3)  (2013.01.24)
2. PS3_CU3_355_03.00.pkg(support Kmeaw_3.55)   (2013.01.24)
3.  English Manual(2013.01.12)

Other Download: 
multiMAN ver 04.18.00  (2013.01.12)

Note: Please update the latest version of Offical Cheat DB File (cheatlist.dat and cheatcu2.dat) and CU3 Code Manager (CU3 PKG file). Otherwise, CUIII cannont run in Rogero4.3,Rebug 4.3, Rebug4.21. <2013.01.24>

PS3 Installation:

1. Download PS3_CU3_4.X.pkg from and install to PS3
2. Download according codes db to any usb disk root directory 
cheatlist.dat Official code update file (Official support cheat code in 4.xx cfw, and VIP support)
cheatcu2.dat Custom dat file (non official, game sites and forum released file, file name”st.dat” should be rename to “cheatcu2.dat”)
cheatcu2.txt Custom txt file (Complete open protocol, you can add, delete , modify your own cheat code)
3. CU3 support dual code switch,( press SELECT+L2), and the custom code file can be dat or txt, so the combinations could be:
A: cheatlist.dat+cheatcu2.dat
B: cheatlist.dat+cheatcu2.txt
4. According to your favor, plug in both the USB disk with “.dat” file and the CU3 dongle to PS3( don’t use an usb extending cable), turn on PS3, after boot up, it shows “ Updating cheatcode, Don’t eject the device!...” after update it will enter CU3 game selecting page. After successful updating, “.dat” file in USB disk would be deleted.(Official dat file would be deleted in 1 minute, custom file in about 1 minutes and 40 seconds, please be patient)

Official Website:

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