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Injectus JTAG Programmer for Progskeet


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Injectus JTAG Programmer for Progskeet V1.2 

The Injectus JTAG Programmer is used with PROGSKEET V1.2.

New Progskeet V1.2

The main improve of the new PROGSKEET V1.2 solution will be the support of DUAL NOR / NAND on different consoles.NOR and NAND CLIPS are not anymore official supported, we decide to move on QSB BOARDS, more cheaper and sure more stable then CLIPS. 


1- Redesign of main board now more small and stable (4 layers)
2- Slave baord with USB, LED, SWITCH (for memory banks selection)
3- FCC cable 15 pins that allow to connect externally the slave board
4- Bus SPI on FCC cable for future expansions
5- 100% support of WINSKEET 
6- DLL OPEN library to allow integration in other alternative programs
7- 1 Mbit SPI FLASH memory on board

ProgSkeet v1.2 PCB Features:

- Smallest footprint EVER
- Special 4 layer 35um design (separate ground and power planes)
- Increased sturdiness thanks to FR4 polymer based PCB (bulletproof! go ahead and try to shoot it with rubber bullets, we did!)
- Improved stability for novice users (we understand that sometimes wiring can 
be subpar)
- Consumes much less power (even during operation, U MAD NINTENDO?)
- Backwards compatible, including clip support (legacy bitstream)
- Customly crafted CPU to meet hobbyist demand (upcoming bitstream)
- Contains SPI ash (upcoming bitstream)
- Partially open source (upcoming bitstream)
- Switch & LED (Dual-Boot available in legacy, can be controlled by user as well in upcoming bitstream)
- Streaming over several ports (upcoming bitstream)
- Hardware Serial Engine (upcoming bitstream)
- SPI Slave (which can also be used by user, upcoming bitstream)
Hardware specications:
1)Main board Features:
- Powerful Actel A3P125 FPGA 
- High Quality Branded 48.000Mhz Crystal
- 1Mbit SPI FLASH on board (to store settings and more ...) 
- ZIF connector 50 pin expansion port (compatible NOR / NAND connections) 
- ZIF 15 pin connector with these signals:
- LED (slave board)
- Switch (slave board) 
- USB slave (slave board)
- SPI line (for future expansion tools)
- JTAG line (injectus compatible, necessary to update ACTEL on board)

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 1 x Injectus JTAG Programmer for Progskeet V1.2 


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