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Iphone 5 Alcohol tester wholesale


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  • Model: GD-iphone 5 001
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This product is suitable for an iPod touch5, the iphone 5, iPad4, alcohol tester for the iPad mini,。
It is small, delicate appearance, very conducive to carry.


1. Using the new type of gas detection technology, can more accurately detect the alcohol content of gases.
2. The number and color backlit LCD screen makes the detection of intuitive and effective.
3. Unique probe can effectively distinguish the smoke, the interference of non alcohol gas such as cola, coffee.
4. Have the voice alarm function, and alcohol content of transfinite, buzzer alarm automatically.
5. The use of mobile phones power supply, direct access to the iPhone can be used.
6. No wind, blow air into the hole, health, clean. The User Manual (instructions)


1. Will this product connected to the iPhone, mobile phones unlocked again, then long press switch tester, tester is a squeaking hum, LCD screen for the green and have corresponding to display at this time.
2. The state of a warm up Numbers from 10 to 0, then finish preheating process at this time.
3. State blow for 10 seconds when the countdown to the mouth close to the test

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