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A revolutionary new product - MT card  which can support 3ds roms and Multi Rom.

MT- card News:

MT card Software Ver2.1 released,bringing the latest dump function and file conversion function.(2014-10-09)

1. Save file backup function.

2.     Restore save file function.

3.    3DS game cartridge dump function.

4.    File conversion (sav to zav).

5.    File conversion (zav to sav).


MT card Hardware Ver2.0 & Software Ver2.0 released.MT cards  Support SaveEdit, Support EXfat format MicroSD card, up to 128GB,Homebrew support,Enhance menu selection, ROMs display is more intuitive.(2014-09-03)

MT card Hardware Ver1.4 released out, improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM.[2014-5-17]

MT-CARD Hardware Ver1.3 & software V12 released out ,meor game compatible and more smooth speed,more update information please view here.(4-16-2014).

MT- CARD  Hardware Ver1.1 & Software V1.1 released, for more  please view

From the official website message,MT card team has solved the problem in most of the new game that can not run,now it's doing the final testing after the completion, the update will be published soon.(2014-1-14)

The MT- card has been released out on 3th Jan. 2014, it is available now.

MT card support the following characteristics:

1)Support 3DS series consoles(Version v4.1 to v4.5)
2)Support MultiRom,selecting game in menu or by pressing key
3)Support FAT32, drag and drop, no need of diskimager
4)Save to TF directly,easy file exchange, backup and other features
5)product has a CPU built-in, and USB, convenient upgrade

following will be supported soon via USB upgrade

1)Support Animal Crossing ,Pokemon XY
2)Support NAND-emulate
3)Support SaveEditor
4)Support Screenshot
5)Support backup your own cartridges
6)More humanized functions

MT-card features:

Hardware design of flexible, build-in CPU with card, upgradable new functions via USB.
Support multiROM, support SDHC card, support up to 256 games, selecting game in Menu or by pressing key.
Support FAT32, drag and drop, no need of diskimager.
Save to TF directly, no need of pressing home to backup SAVE.
Support SaveEditor, NAND-emulate and Card-dump soon.


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