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Wholesale PS4KIT Modchip for PlayStation4


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Great News about  PS4KIT Modchip

PS4KIT supporting the newest PS4 update 4.72 directly!          —2017.07.11


PS4KIT is a hardware modification for PS4, it produced with the 2nd generation chip.It allows groups of friends to share games between their PS4s with no limitation. In other words, one of your friends buys a (digital) game on the PSN through a shared account, then the whole group can play the game on their own PS4. It is working great on your PS4 1000/1100/1200/Slim/Pro. If you want to play more shared account games on your PS4 console, PS4KIT is your best choice.

PS4KIT Features:

-Compatible with Models PS4 10/11/12/Slim/Pro
-6x Wire Installation for an Easy Install
-Compatible with PS4 Firmware 4.72
-Supports Action Replay cheat
-Allows you to move your downloaded games to your hard drive
-Official site:


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