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Xbox 360 slim wireless controler


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Xbox 360 slim wireless controler

The xbox 360 slim wireless controler can help you crush people in any game. It works great for almost all first person shooters. It has been designed specifically for Call of duty 4-5-6 "Modern Warfare 2". It is 100% compatible with recent game patches.

The controller will cycle through the 18 modes of rapid fire The 18 modes are:

Mode 1- HALO 3 Fast(Right:10 SPS/Left:10 shots per second)
Mode 2- HALO 3 Fast(Right:12 SPS/Left:12 shots per second)
Mode 3- HALO 3 Fast(Right:14 SPS/Left:14 shots per second)
Mode 4- HALO 3 Fast(Right:16 SPS/Left:16 shots per second)
Mode 5- HALO 3 Fast(Right:18 SPS/Left:18 shots per second)
Mode 6- HALO 3 Rapid Fire(Right:20 SPS/Left:20 shots per second)
Mode 7- HALO 3 Rapid Fire(Right:25 SPS/Left:25 shots per second)
Mode 8- HALO 3 Very Quick(Right:30 SPS/Left:30 shots per second)
Mode 9-CoD4 Fast(Right:25 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 10-CoD4 Fast(Right:26 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 11-CoD4 Fast(Right:27 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 12-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:28 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 12-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:28 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 13-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:29 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 14-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:31 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 15-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:33 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 16-CoD4 Ultra Fast(Right:100 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 17-CoD4 Fast(Right:22 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 18-CoD5 Very Fast(Right:50 SPS/Left:OFF)

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